• Jiffel Music Group – Family in Music

    Jiffel Music Group (JMG) is a modern music company founded in 2001. The company consists of three record labels, a publishing company and a music and media production company.

    JMG's ideology is “Family in Music” which means that JMG serves a wide range of people who are involved with the music industry: artists, songwriters/producers, other labels and especially music consumers.

    Jiffel Music Group is distributed by Universal Music Finland which is part of Universal Music Group, the leading music industry company in the world.

  • Contact

    Jiffel Music Group
    Leirikatu 6
    02600 Espoo
    Email: info (at) jiffel.com
    Tel. +358 (0)50 302 7007


    We gladly listen to your demos but please send them in digital format to the address below. Don’t attach mp3s instead send us a link to a page where your song is. The best way is a Dropbox link (not a download link!). Send also a link where we can see your newest promo picture!


    If we are interested in co-operation we’ll contact you.

Jiffel Music Group | Leirikatu 6, 02600 Espoo, Finland | info(at)jiffel.com | +358(0)50 302 7007