• Jiffel Publishing

    Jiffel Publishing is an independent music publishing company, a part of Jiffel Music Group.

    Jiffel Publishing is a modern music publisher that works actively with talented artists, songwriters and producers. Songwriters can compose for other artists but they can also be artists themselves.

    In addition to songwriters, important partners for Jiffel Publishing are record companies and production companies.

    Jiffel Publishing's mission is to help songwriters to evolve in their work and to become better artists and songwriters. Other important tasks of the publisher are marketing songwriters and their music to get as much attention as possible for their music.

  • Contact

    Jiffel Music Group
    Leirikatu 6
    02600 Espoo
    Email: info (at) jiffel.com
    Tel. +358 (0)50 302 7007


    We gladly listen to your demos but please send them in digital format to the address below. Don’t attach mp3s instead send us a link to a page where your song is. The best way is a Dropbox link (not a download link!). Send also a link where we can see your newest promo picture!


    If we are interested in co-operation we’ll contact you.

Jiffel Music Group | Leirikatu 6, 02600 Espoo, Finland | info(at)jiffel.com | +358(0)50 302 7007